Why Should You Invest In Social Media Marketing?

Why Should You Invest In Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a combination of two wonderful factors.  Social media and marketing.  Together, they make a strong connection between the customer and the seller/brand.

With social media marketing, you can generate awareness for your brand and marketers are able to measure and analyse the results the campaign gathers.

Social media marketing offers great communication for marketers and customers through a platform where they can communicate more effectively and efficiently.

Here are some main features and reason why you absolutely must get social media marketing for your business!

Why you should get social media marketing for your business

  • Increase your reputation
    • Obviously, customers will do a background check on you whenever they’re interested in getting your products/services. They do this so that they can quickly decipher if what they’re getting themselves into will benefit them rather than cause any liability to them.  Having amazing social media marketing and branding can help your business outperform other businesses especially since a lot of customers look to social media to quickly do comparisons of similar brands.
    • A quick tip to help you with your search engine reputation management is if you set up social media profiles for your business name, then those pages are highly likely to rank at the top of Google for brand searches. Use your profiles as an avenue to control what your prospects will see when they look for you. Put your best foot forward.
  • More engagement
    • Social media keeps your market engaged. Since social media is mainly being interactive with your circle, hen essentially, social media marketing allows you to become more interactive with your customers and target audience. Engaging your audience is important because to make a sale, you must have an engaged audience, have their interest piqued, and keep them interested. To generate repeated purchase and referrals, you must still, keep them engaged. If you lose their attention, then you lose your sales.
    • Reach out to your audience. Be more interactive with them. It’s never been easier with the help of social media. Now you can talk to them directly. In traditional marketing, you won’t be able to do that but, through the advancement in technology, you can now communicate with them on a personal level and treat them the way traditional marketing couldn’t do back then.
  • A large pool of audience
    • Social media marketing allows marketers to have a large pool of audience because of the vast reach of social media, marketers are able to reach millions of their market and so much more with just one click of a button. A large pool of audience allows marketers to have a better and larger chance at finding targets that they convert.
  • Cost less
    • In today’s time, money, in essence, is really everything. You can buy almost everything now. In social media marketing, you’re also spending money. The good thing about social media marketing is that, in comparison to traditional marketing efforts, it’s really cheap. You only really pay for the ads you put out and since social media is such a diverse place and a platform that majority of the population uses, getting the word around about your business wouldn’t be a problem since they’d only need to click the ‘Share’ button and you’ll already be building your network from there.

A study conducted by the International Journal of Research Marketing states that engaging a user through the use of social media actually enhances the customer’s brand loyalty.

A company would do well to invest in social media marketing, as they have potential customers who are waiting to learn about a new offering because according to a Nielsen research, roughly 39% of social media users believe that the importance of networking lies in the ability of the networking platform to introduce new products and services and seeing as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc have millions of users, it would be no surprise if these platforms are the ones you use for your own business because let’s face it, you’re presence will grow exponentially.

How does social media marketing affect your business?

In 2019, it is estimated that users of social media worldwide will increase to 2.77 billion from 2.62 billion in 2018.

Amongst those users, Facebook is the most widely known and used platform with 35% of millennials considering online reviews before their actual purchase. Spending an average of 135 minutes on social media per day is enough to tell you how much social media impacts an average millennial’s day and since the purchasing power has now fallen into the generation we call ‘millennials’, it’d be wise to jump on the bandwagon and to reach out to your large market (with purchasing power) through the platforms they regularly use.

One more thing to consider is that once your customers purchase your product/avail your services and they like it, they’ll most probably leave reviews about your product and your service. The better your product/service, the more they’d give great reviews and since online users look at reviews prior to their purchase, this is something you should consider.


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