Board of Investment (BOI) & Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) CONFERENCE 19 May 2016


Through this conference, with the ICCPI and Archipelago,would contribute to entrepreneurs in the Philippine market and to those who intend to explore the new economic reality such as opportunities, updates on the market and knowledge in terms of bureaucracy as well as rules and regulations.

Organization: Ass. Archipelago & Italian Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines, Inc (ICCPI)

Body speakers: BOI (Bureau of Investment) | DTI (Department of Industry)

Venue:  Conference room, SEDA Hotel, Global City

Date and time: May 19, 2016 from 10.00 am to 12.00 pm

Audience: Italian investors, Italian residents, business men and (through live streaming) Italian business organizations and private companies


09.30 am Meeting of participants (coffee)
10.00 am BOI presentation
10.30 am –
10.45 am
Coffee break
11.00 am Questions and answers
11.30 am: End of conference

Profile of Italian Companies:

In the European industrial system Italian companies have stood out for specific reasons. In fact 95% of existing businesses in Italy are Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) while most large enterprises, which is the remaining 5%, have the strength to penetrate the international market on their own. The other remaining SMEs are availing of all possible instruments from various countries in terms of promotion and information.

These Italian companies have from 1 to 50 employees. Even though these companies have such a small number of employees they constitute the core of the “Italian industrial system” and most of them produce real Italian excellence also known as the world famous “Made in Italy”. The most visible economic sectors in which Italian companies are involved in the Philippines today are tourism, food & beverage, catering, the import and distribution of Italian food products as well as other imports related to construction among which flooring, home accessories, lighting, windows, doors, furniture, etc. In addition to companies operating in the local construction sector there is already an existing local Italian production and export in niche markets like jewelry products, industrial graphic design, fashion as shoes, leather accessories, leather garments, etc. In line with this, there are professionals such as architects, doctors, engineers, technicians, etc. who are interested in the possibility of offering their know-how and experience to international or Philippine companies operating in the Filipino market. Those Italians who are already resident in the Philippines are mostly already working for large industrial groups or in the catering business.

The continuous growth of the Philippine market did not go unnoticed and has attracted several potential investors from Italy. We have already registered a number of groups who are interested in the development and construction of residential projects as well as in setting up smaller commercial and distribution businesses. Through this conference, ICCPI and Archipelago want to give and contribute to entrepreneurs in the Philippines and to those who intend to explore this new economic reality with a selection of opportunities, an overview on market segments, updates on the general market and some basic knowledge in terms of bureaucracy, rules, laws and regulations.