EU-Philippines Business Summit 2016


The steady economic growth prospects and the run-up to the Philippines’ ASEAN chairmanship in 2017 make the Philippines full of opportunities.

The Italian Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines would like to inviting you to join the most important trade forum to be attended by key figures from the government and private sector in the Philippines.

This event will be a celebration of EU-Philippine trade and investment ties, in which we are expecting at least three hundred fifty (350) participants.

What are the Objectives?

  • To discuss regulations that are in place as well as changes necessary for trade
  • To learn more about Philippine trade regulations
  • To have the opportunity to discuss with government on relevant issues
  • To know new guidelines/directions from the government
  • To identify action points to be carried forward as joint priorities for the new Administration/ Congress and the EU business community in the Philippines
  • To showcase business opportunities for EU businesses in high-growth sectors of the Philippines

For more information do not hesitate to contact us.