Faces, Bodies, and Saints: Italian Art Appreciation Series.

unnamedGreetings to everyone! The Italian Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines invites you to:

Societa’ Dante Alighieri Comitato di Manila in partnership with Ayala Museum presents “Faces, Bodies and Saints: Italian Art Appreciation Series.”

The lecture series tackles three very distinct periods in Italian Art History- Roman, Middle Ages and the Renaissance periods. Learn the foundations of art through in depth discussions about great It
alian masters and their legacies!

  • The Roman Period: Portraits and Still Life
    Sept 10 I 3-5 PM
  • The Middle Ages: Images and Calligraphy
    Sept 17 I 3-5 PM
  • The Renaissance: The Human Form and Architectural Drawing
    Sept. 24 I 3-5 PM

For further details, please refer below.

For inquiries call 759-8288 loc 35/22 or email education@ayalamuseum.org.

Save the dates and see you there!